People's Choice 75th Anniversary Award

The 5 July 2023 marks the 75th Anniversary of the NHS. In this special year, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of those who have contributed to our NHS in Scotland over its 75 years.

The People’s Choice Award is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate truly incredible people whose contribution and dedication deserves recognition. The Award this year will aim to recognise those amazing people who work in our NHS Scotland who have made – and continue to make – a special contribution.

This can be: someone who has spent much of their working life providing care in the NHS; someone who has made a significant contribution to improving care or the wellbeing of others including staff; or someone who has contributed to innovations in the way treatment and care is delivered. To qualify for entry, our only ask is that they are still currently working in NHS Scotland at the time of the Anniversary on 5 July 2023.

Voting for the People's Choice Award winner is not yet open.
Voting will commence w/c 18 September, following the shortlisting session. 
The winner will be announced on
2 November at the awards ceremony. 

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Voting closes at 23:59 on Tuesday 10 October.